Wisconsin�s Electronic Title (eTitle) program is a partnership with electronic lien holders who, as agents of the Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), receive electronic title records when they hold a secured interest on the vehicle. The program is authorized under Wisconsin statute 341.21. The overall goals of the program are to reduce fraud and lost titles, and to increase efficiency, thereby reducing costs for the lien holders and the DMV.

All titles with loans listed after July 1, 2012 will be delivered to the lien holder, whether in paper or electronic form. Delivery to the lien holder is mandated by Wisconsin statute 342.09(1)(b). Participation in the eTitle program is optional for lien holders, but strongly encouraged due to its many benefits.

Under this program, an electronic lien holder is able to receive vehicle title records electronically, rather than receiving paper titles. Title transactions are completed through the electronic lien holder�s computerized system, which transmits title records with DMV through the SimplyELT system. Simply ELT translates transaction data to the DMV host system for processing, eliminating duplication of processing by DMV personnel.

  • When a lien is released, the electronic lien holder will be able to direct where the title record is sent.
  • The electronic lien holder will not be able to release liens from other lien holders,only liens listed by that same lien holder.
  • All liens on titles that that have been delivered electronically via Simply ELT will only be released electronically via Simply ELT.

An electronic lien holder will utilize an Simply ELT for software and record management needs. When liens are perfected, the DMV will deliver electronic title and lien notifications to the electronic lien holder via the third party service provider, where the transactions will be matched and records maintained. When the lien(s) are satisfied, the electronic service provider will forward lien satisfactions from the electronic lien holder to the DMV and will receive and electronic confirmation from the DMV. The lien holder may communicate through Simply ELT to direct delivery of title to a party other than the last titled owner; for example, a dealership that has satisfied the lien.

PDP Group, Inc. worked closely with the state of Wisconsin to develop a web application that is both easy to use and inexpensive. Simply ELT is robust enough to handle lenders with only 1 lien per year as well as larger lenders with thousands of titles per year.

How to Enroll

  1. Complete the PDP Service Agreement which may be obtained by filling out this form requesting a service agreement.
  2. Complete the Application for Enrollment/Change In Electronic Lien and Title System.
  3. Complete the Wisconsin Lien Holder Electronic Title Agreement (form MV2508).
  4. Sign, scan and e-mail this application along with the PDP Group, Inc. Service Agreement to PDP.

You may also fax the agreement to PDP at (410) 584-0404 or mail it to:

PDP Group, Inc.
Attention: ELT Coordinator
10909 McCormick Rd
Hunt Valley, MD 21031