West Virginia

How does West Virginia ELT work?

Certificate of title and lien applications are directly processed with the State. Once the lien is placed, the certificate of title record is stored electronically in the State systems and PDP stores that electronic record for you in Simply ELT. At the time of lien satisfaction, a participating lienholder or lender electronically notifies PDP Group our web portal. A batch file is sent to the State of the lien release. The State prints and mails the certificate of title to the requested address.

How to Enroll

  1. Complete the PDP Service Agreement which may be obtained by filling out this form requesting a service agreement.
  2. Complete the Application for Enrollment/Change In Electronic Lien and Title System.
  3. Sign, scan and e-mail this application along with the PDP Group, Inc. Service Agreement to PDP.
  4. Upon receipt, your request will be submitted to West Virginia to obtain your West Virginia electronic lien number.

You may also fax the agreement to PDP at (410) 584-0404 or mail it to:

PDP Group, Inc.
Attention: ELT Coordinator
10909 McCormick Rd
Hunt Valley, MD 21031



  • How does a lender participate?
    When you sign an agreement and complete an enrollment form, PDP Group, will submit your request to participate in West Virginia vendor every Monday. The vendor has seven (7) business days to provide the lender code back. Upon receipt, we will notify you with your new lienholder code.
  • Indirect - Dealer Processing:
    A dealer completes the WV title application. Some dealers will be able to file electronically. The lienholder is responsible for relaying their WV lien code to their dealers once it has been issued.

Securing Your Vehicle Lien

  • How do I know my lien has been recorded?
    If you did not, you or your customer will need to file an application with your lender code, and any supporting documents you currently file with the State DMV.

    You will receive an email from PDP that a title lien has been received on our system from the DMV. You will need to open Simply ELT to validate the accuracy of the record.
  • Will the electronic lien and title contain the same information that the owner receives on the title?
  • On a transfer between two parties, and the first party has a lienholder, how do we record our lien?
    The lender will need to pay off the lienholder of the first party. The title will be printed upon request and sent to the first party who will then need to reassign the title to the second party. You will need the first party to provide you the title for reassignment. At that point, your lien can be recorded via an application for title for the second party with the DMV. This process has not changed with the WV DMV.

Electronic Transactions

  • What transactions can a lender perform on electronic liens?
    The following transactions can be performed on an electronic lien:
    • Lien Notification: This transaction communicates to you that a lien has been filed.
    • Lien Perfection: Liens will be perfected within 10 days of the notification.
    • Paper Title Request: This transaction is used to convert an electronic title to a paper title with the lien information intact, resulting in a paper title issued to the lien holder.
    • Release of Lien: This transaction is used by the lien holder to release the electronic lien resulting in an unencumbered title. Liens can be released to the owner, a dealer, an insurance company, a finance company, or another party
  • What are the fees per transaction?
    The State of West Virginia will continue to charge $15 for a title. The State's vendor will charge $15 for the notification, perfection, and release of lien ($5 per transaction type). These fees will be charged upfront by the State at the lien notification.
  • Is there a fee when a lender requests to print a title, and if so, are there charges incurred?
    Yes, there is a $15 statutory fee and a $5 vendor fee when a lender requests a printed title, a total of $20. The statutory and transaction fee will be charged at the time of the request.
  • Is there a fee when a lender performs a release of lien?
    Yes, when releasing the title, the State will charge $5 per release request.

Ongoing Maintenance

  • When a lien is filed in error, what do I do?
    You will need to contact WV Motor Vehicles. The WV Motor Vehicles will verify who should be listed on the title, you can then release the lien to the correct party and pass on any required fees.
  • If title has 2 liens, and 1 of them is not participating, will the title be issued as paper irrespective of whether the lender participating in ELT is 1st or 2nd lienholder?
    Prior to ELT becoming mandatory, if the first/primary lender participates in the program, the lien can/will be ELT. If the primary lienholder is not a participant, the title will be paper.
  • How does a refinance transaction work with the WV ELT?
    To refinance, the lender will submit all of the same required documents less the title to have the lien amount updated.

Error on the ELT Title

  • What is the process for correcting a title when there is an error on the ELT record and the error originated with a.) the dealer or b.) the state?
    If you receive an ELT with the incorrect information, you will want to contact the WV DMV to get instructions on how the title should be corrected. You can email

    If the title is printed and there is an error, you will need to file an application through the WV DMV to correct the title.

Releasing Your Lien

  • What happens when we release the electronic lien to the owner?
    The WV DMV will not print the title when you release the electronic title. You will need to request a paper title. This can be done through Simply ELT site, when requesting a release there will be a checkbox asking if you would like the title printed. The State will charge $5 per release request.
  • Are there any new requirements relative to the timeframe in which a lender must release their lien? Do these requirements apply to all titles or just ELT titles?
    No, WV law requires a lien be released after payoff whether it's electronic or paper.
  • What if the vehicle is a total loss?
    When the owner has a total loss to the lienholders, the lender can release a paper title to the insurance company.
  • What if the vehicle is repossessed?
    If a vehicle is repossessed, the lienholder should make the request for a paper title to be printed, then follow the existing TR-129 process.
  • How are leased vehicles impacted by this change? Will the lessor still receive a paper title if they choose not to participate in ELT?
    Lessors are included as lenders in the ELT program. A lease process would function the same as “normal” lien.

Roadmap Ahead

  • Will West Virginia mandate ELT?
    The WV DMV's desire is to have all lenders onboarded to ELT by June 1, 2023.
  • Will West Virginia's ELT system offer a real-time lien processing system?
    Yes, there are plans to enhance West Virginia's ELT system to offer optional real-time lien processing capabilities. Expected launch date of the real time service is in the live today.
  • Within the ELT program, what vehicle types are supported electronically? (Ex: mobile home; boat, trailer, car, commercial vehicles, etc.)
    All vehicles except boats are electronically supported. Electronic support for boats is on the roadmap for a future date.