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Florida General Information

Click here for instructions on how to enroll in this state. 


Lien Notification Transactions

Not at this time. 

Release Transactions

When a loan is paid off, the lien will be removed and the title will print and mail to either the owner or any 3rd party specified by the lienholder at time of release. 3rd party can include dealers, finance companies, insurance companies, etc. 

There is no state DMV fee for an ELT in-state title release. There is a $2.50 state DMV fee for an ELT release outside the state of Florida which is clearly indicated on your monthly invoice as DMV pass thru charges. 

Yes, the state does allow for expedited release requests. Any expedited release requests made between 7AM and 2PM EST will be available within 24 hours. Additional fees may apply. 

Paper Title Request Transactions

No, paper title requests are only sent to the first lienholder. 

Yes, there is a $2.50 state DMV fee for each paper title request. 

Not at this time. 


Electronic lien and title, also known as ELT, is a program offered by various US States allowing state Department of Motor Vehicles to electronically exchange lien and title information with lienholders in lieu of a paper title. 

The benefits of ELT far outweigh any drawbacks so every lender should want to use ELT. However, not every state requires a lender to use ELT. As of May 2015 the following states have MANDATED an ELT program: Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Nebraska, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, and Virginia. 

State jurisdiction benefits include: more accurate data resulting from the electronic exchange of data, improved delivery time, reduction in the use and control of secure forms, reduction in mailing and printing costs, improved data and forms security.

Lienholder benefits include: potential staff reduction in areas associated with filing, retrieval and mailing of paper titles, reduction in storage space needed for filing and storing of paper titles, ease of processing for dealer transactions, reduction in fraud. 

Yes. We have done many conversions both large and small from all of the main service providers. Your current service provider will supply us with a transmission of all your ACTIVE titles.